Composite appearance design pays attention to aesthetic beauty and practicability

Innovative breakthrough, excellent design and function


The wide door design is practical and aesthetic, and the headlights are beautiful in shape. The high brightness provides sufficient illumination for driving and ensures driving safety. With the increased size of rear-view mirror, windshield and side windows, the field of vision is wider, and the driving is calm and confident.

Vertical crystal headlight

Vertical integrated headlights create a

powerful and classic visual perception

Side window glass and door handle

Wide side window glass makes vision wider

Horizontal door handle is stylish and beautiful, 

convenient to grip and easy to open

Fog lamp

The excellent visibility can be obtained in the bad weather

conditions to ensure the driving safety.

People-oriented concept allows you to enjoy comfortable driving

Humanized design and scientific layout makes  an enjoyable comfortable driving experience.

The interior of MIGHTY follows the design style of MIGHTY car and accords with the driver's actual operation, the ergonomic seats reduce the driving fatigue, 

and the simple and magnificent dashboard is intuitive and legible. Every detail design of MIGHTY reflects the concern for the driver.



The vehicle is equipped with the automatic transmission, being comfortable, convenient and easy to operate, and reducing the working fatigue.

Suspension shock absorption seat

The suspension structure seat can adjust the shock absorption tension according to the driver's weight to effectively

reduce the vibration comes from vehicle. The seat can be adjusted to the best position via the inclined seat rail, being more

convenient to control. The seating area of driver and passenger seats are widened, and the cushion is thickened to improve the lumbar support position and provide better waist protection.

NVH performance

The cab has two layers of sealing strips and all-wrapped trim to reduce the internal noise and enhance the comfortable feeling of the cab.

Multi-function display

The 2.9-inch LCD display is installed to display the vehicle driving information, display the engine oil, filter and transmission oil status in real time to ensure the driving safety.


Ample driving space

MIGHTY  AMT cab adopts 2m wide body, having plenty of room for 3 passengersto sit in. There is more space for head and feet, making driving more comfortable.

Stable as a rock, smooth and worry-free

Time-tested durability and reliability

The body is made of high tension steel imported from Korea and adopts the robotic automatic welding process. The main components such as floor, 

frame and beam are strengthened to greatly improve the overall strength and rigidity.

High efficiency, strong power, fuel saving and environmental protection  China VI standard Cummins 2.8 (150 horsepower)

Cummins, a world-renowned brand. The engine has superior quality and is easily started in -40℃ extremely cold environment. The engine is fuel efficient,

and the engine intake and fuel injection are developed in an integrated way, so that the engine is a good manager for fuel saving.

Excellent rust resistance

The coating thickness of the cab, frame and carriage is increased, the main parts of the body are curled and sealed, and the anti-rust material is used to prevent the body

from rusting and improve the durability.

Lightweight variable cross section frame

MIGHTY AMT adopts the lightweight frame with stronger carrying capacity, and the straightly arranged standard holes are reserved for easy vehicle modification.

Scientific and technological innovation escorts your driving

Broad vision improves the driving safety

The large windshield and the vertical A-pillar provide broader vision, and the newly designed side windows and rear-view mirrors minimize blind areas and provide wide coverage, making lane changes safer.

Frame rear-view mirror (with heating function)

The Innovatively designed rear-view mirror is a dual convex rear-view mirror, which eliminates the visual blind area, covers the wider vision and improves the driving safety.

All series of vehicles are equipped with ABS, air brake, etc., effectively shortening the braking distance, 18% better than the competitive products.

Collision test
MIGHTY AMT cab has passed the rigorous laboratory safety tests, the collision test meets the European standard (ECE), and the safety of driver and passengers can be effectively protected.
High strength cab
The cab is made of imported high tension steel and adopts the all-steel welding safety design.
First in China - energy-absorption steering wheel
Firstly adopting the energy-absorption steering wheel among the similar type of vehicles, which will automatically collapse and deform in case of collision, ensuring the living space of the driver.

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