Modern original aluminum alloy cargo compartment

The aluminum alloy compartment is light and strong and consumes very little fuel. It features a riveted aluminum plate structure, so that the compartment body is under uniform stress, increasing the strength and stiffness of the joint.

Low maintenance cost, easy maintenance

The side plate of the compartment is made of 200mm aluminum profiles spliced in a plug-in connection. The compartment has no welded parts, and does not need to be fully replaced in case of damage, thus reducing the replacement costs and making maintenance more convenient.

High recycling value

The unit recycling price of the aluminum alloy material is high, improving its second-hand scrap value.

Fire, rust, and corrosion resistant

The aluminum alloy material is resistant to fire, rust and corrosion, and is highly durable.

Higher strength and better loading capacity

The panel is made of hollow aluminum alloy, which is light-weight, high-strength, low on fuel consumption and features a higher loading capacity.

Humanized layout, practical and comfortable

The standard suspension structure seats come with  thickened backrest and good support, improve the lumbar support position and reduce fatigue.

The new integrated dashboard is classic  and exquisite; the multi-function steering wheel integrate audio, cruise control and other buttons.

The front suspension is equipped with the less-leaf spring, and the rubber pad is added between the leaves to reduce the friction noise and vibration of the steel plate in motion.

The rear support of the cab is equipped with reinforced bulk shock absorption rubber to reduce vibration and make the driving more comfortable.

High efficiency, high durability and excellent performance
The frame is made of high strength materials, and the durability is ensured by the better arrangement of the beams.
The frame is made of high strength materials, and the durability is ensured by the better arrangement of the beams.

The high strength front and rear axles ensure the durability under high load conditions.

The rated flow of the fuel filter is increased, thus the service life is increased.

The vehicle is equipped with BCM control module and the main power switch to cut off the dark current of the vehicle, reduce the battery loss caused by long-term parking and improve the service life of the battery.

Hyundai vehicle tunning technology and the actual driving environment evaluation greatly improve the feeling of driving.

Powerful, safe escort
Five-speed/six-speed transmission and matching rear axle tonnage/speed ratio are supplied to fulfill the requirements for different working conditions.
The well-known domestic and international brands high-power engines at your choice, provides sufficient power, strong acceleration force and better fuel efficiency.

Five types of well-developed engines, including Cummins 2.8/3.8L, Isuzu 2.8L, Yunnei 2.5L and Yuchai 3.0L, can be selected.

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