Eco Friendly Zero Carbon Economy

Recognizing the environment and humanity as its utmost value,

Hyundai has developed a medium-sized eco-friendly electric commercial truck in line with the growing global logistics market and the increasing demand for eco-friendly electric vehicles in general.

With zero exhaust gas and noise, and remarkable energy efficiency and performance – the MIGHTY electric model is the electric commercial truck that will lead eco-friendly urban logistics markets around the world and increase customer business value.


Powerful and Smooth

With an advanced PE system rivaling internal combustion engines in power, together with solutions developed specifically for a medium electric truck, the MIGHTY electric delivers superior performance in driving.

Drive Motor

High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous motor and reducer deliver power and efficiency in driving

 High-voltage battery

The high-density, high-efficiency battery package found in the MIGHTY electric, developed by the world’s No. 1  EV battery manufacturer CATL, requires no replacement for the duration of an MIGHTY electric’s lifespan.

Four-in-one Integrated Controller

A 4-in-1 integrated controller integrates control of five high-voltage parts: drive motor DC-AC, power steering, HVAC, air compressors, and 24 V battery charging power supply.

Max. speed
Max. torque
Max. output

Performance | Ev Reliability

Electrification and high-voltage parts proven in a wide range of field environments secure the MIGHTY electric’s durability and reliability.


Key EV components are arranged in the optimum 

layout to enable the MIGHTY electric’s use as a wide 

variety of special vehicles.

Battery Safety

Watertightness Grade IP68

Advanced watertightness that prevents any entry of dust and moisture, of a level that keeps the battery usable even when submerged in water.

Protection from Battery Depletion

Driver alert and output restriction as battery power is consumed keeps the battery from running flat and increases its lifespan.

Increased Ground Clearance of High-voltage Battery
Compared to its competitors, the MIGHTY electric's high-voltage battery sits higher off the ground for reduced risk of battery damage from road surface conditions.
Optimized Cable Layout
Optimized high-voltage cable layout minimizes the risk of accidental fires.
Fire Prevention

Wiring of high-voltage parts is grounded with a cable.

Performance  |  Ride & Handling

An optimal R&H design achieves effective vehicle control and stability of rides.


Speed-sensitive Steering

  • Steering force is automatically adjusted according to vehicle speed.

  • Steering is more malleable at lower speeds and becomes firmer for greater stability at higher speeds.

Improved Springs and Shock Absorbers

  • Springs and shock absorbers optimized for minimal fatigue and maximum comfort even during long-distance driving.

Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS)

  • A 380 V electrohydraulic pump produces handling that is smooth and precise.

Noise-/vibration-optimized Foundation Brake

  • A brake booster increases responsiveness and stability of braking, and high-reliability friction materials keep noise and vibration to an optimum level.

Performance | N.V.H.

With internal noise minimized and external noise blocked, the MIGHTY electric offers a quiet and smooth driving environment characteristic of the electric truck.


Noise and Vibration Reduced by Motor and Integrated Controller

Noise and vibration levels have been reduced by an improvement of the rubber insulator properties and other optimization measures.

Optimum Combination of Steering Force and Steering Noise.

Noise has been reduced by introducing the spiral-type to steering high-pressure hose, and steering force and noise have been optimized through EHPS rotation tuning.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

Automatic induces braking in a potential collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian to prevent accidents.

Vehicle Dynamic Control

Detects potential skids, rollovers, and other risks to secure driving stability.

Lane Departure Warning

Warns the driver to keep the vehicle within the lane and maintain driving safety.

Seatbelt Pretensioner

Automatically tenses the seatbelt at the moment of collision  to keep the driver’s upper body from shooting forward.

Helps to prevent serious injury from collisions.

Shock-absorbing Steering Wheel
A safety steering wheel which absorbs shock in collisions minimizes driver injuries.
Dual Airbags

Deploys airbags in a frontal collision for driver and front passenger safety.

Features best-in-class dual airbags.



High-tensile Steel Plates in Car Body

Active utilization of high-tensile steel plates in the car body has increased cab rigidity for improved occupant safety and compliance with European cab rigidity requirements.


Door Impact Bar

In the event of a side collision, the safety bubble guards the driver from direct impact.


Additional Reinforcement Inside the Bumper

In the event of a side collision, the safety bubble guards the driver from direct impact.


Strong and Elastic Frame

Increased basic rigidity of the car body, and anti-rust steel plates for corrosion prevention.

Convenient and Useful

Considering the convenience features expected of an EV and the convenience of maintenance required of a truck, the MIGHTY electric presents an innovation in mobility.

Convenience of vehicle maintenance and speed and accuracy of diagnosis and resolution keep your business running without interruption.



Fault Diagnosis

The current status and any existing issues of the high-voltage battery, drive motor, integrated controller, and other high-voltage components are indicated on the cluster to diagnose the vehicle and to take the necessary steps without a diagnostic system.


Folding Side Covers

Folding side covers are easy to open and close for high-voltage battery inspections. There is sufficient space for ease of removal and installation of the battery.


Increased Convenience of Maintenance

Opening the cab gives access to the various coolant and oil inlets, the 24 V battery, fuse box, and other components for increased convenience of maintenance.


Cruise Control

At high speeds, the vehicle speed is kept consistent without accelerator pedal input to reduce driver fatigue and increase driving convenience.

Exterior  Color

The MIGHTY electric urban commercial truck comes in a competitive package and with a wide range of color options for practicality.



* The vehicle information is for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.