Brand New Driving Experience, Premium New Sensation
Ergonomically designed, 2080 wide-body cab, super-large driving space, super-wide sleeper and comfortable seats with a thickened cushion, bringing a more comfortable driving experience.
The newly designed integrated dashboard and the interior color that meets the modern aesthetic standard, look high-end and exquisite; the integrated multifunction steering wheel and smart instrument,, providing a strong high-tech sense.
Traveling Unimpeded under Safe Guard

Higher brake efficiency benefited from enhanced brake cylinder, standard ABS and automatic brake adjusting arm, and widened brake shoes.

Higher safety coefficient than competing products benefited from the better mechanical properties of frame, etc.

Higher running and lifting safety benefited from the application of balance beam, four longitudinal girders, sub-frame slots and widened 4HP flip seats.

Enhanced  driving safety benefited from the application of new-type CAN BUS, which enables the driver to grasp the running status of the vehicle in real time.

24-hour customer center / VIP service for major customers.

Multiple Cost-effective Options

A variety of engines are available to meet the diversified customer requirements (D45TCIE1, YC4EG220-50).

Equipped with the gold standard power chain, high-power engine, Fastgear 10-speed gearbox and a 13t rear axle, making the vehicle powerful, fuel-efficient and highly load bearing.

Multi-wheelbase planning and adequate chassis configuration, meeting the needs of various regional markets.

Stable and Reliable High Bearing Capacity

High confidence in quality, with the vehicle upgraded positively based on Hyundai automobile chassis technology, ensuring stable and reliable quality.

Super-high carrying capacity benefited from the application of high-power and large-torque engine, large-tonnage rear axle, enhanced leaf springs and high-strength frame with good mechanical properties.

The steering wheel with larger cylinder diameter is adopted, saving steering efforts and more flexible.

High strength steel carriage frame, strong rigidity, not easy to deform and corrugate, and highly resistant to impact and abrasion, ensuring a long service life.

Multiple ,carriage options, meeting variant transport demands.

Equipped with a standard front straight-through column.

Double flipping, the wider rear gate of carriage making it easier to unload cargos.

* The vehicle information is for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.