Brand new driving experience, exclusive new enjoyments
2080 wide-body cab, ultra-large driving space, ultra-wide sleeper design, comfortable and well-supported seat, thickened seat cushion and ergonomic design, making driving more comfortable.
With interior color in line with Hyundai aesthetics, the brand new integrated dashboard comes in high-end and delicate style, the  integrated multi-function steering wheel/smart meters and other configurations reflect sense of technology.
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High capacity, superior stability and reliability
Outstanding quality, the positive upgrading development is performed on the basis of the classic Hongyun chassis to ensure superior stability and reliability of vehicle.
The high power and large torque transmission, the large tonnage rear axle, the strengthened leaf springs, the high-tensile frame, and the comprehensive application of frame mechanical properties create the higher bearing capacity.
The steering gear with enlarged cylinder diameter is lighter and more flexible.
The carriage frame is made of U-steel/high-tensile steel, which has strong rigidity, lower deformation rate, higher resistance to impact and wear & tear, to insure a longer service life.
Various engines, economical and affordable price
A variety of engines can be selected to meet customers' diversified requirements (D40TCIE3, YC4D140, YC4E140-56A, YC4E160-56).
Multi-wheelbase planning and rich chassis configuration meet the market requirements in different regions.
Safeguard, carefree driving
Optimized brake cylinder, standard ABS, automatic slack adjuster,  widened brake shoe, improved the braking efficiency, frame mechanical properties and other applications, make higher safety than competitive products.
Balance beam, four-girder sub-frame clamping groove, widened 4HP turnover base and other configuration applications enhance operating safety.
With the full application of new CAN bus, the driver is able to control the vehicle operating conditions in real time. 24-hour customer service center/VIP service for fleet customers to ensure driving safety. 
Extreme durability
Advanced painting process: the cathodic electrophoresis process is adopted for the painting of body and frame primers. The robotic two-layer spraying process is adopted for the , appearance makes the painting distribution more uniform, longer gloss retention and better corrosion resistance
The whole vehicle has undergone thousands times of strict performance and durability tests, the whole process is fully applicable to Hyundai commercial vehicle quality control system to ensure the durability of the vehicle.
Wide range of application, great valuablee
Various types of hydraulic container lifting mechanisms are available (front top/middle double-top/middle single-top).
Standard front straight-through pillar.
Secondary turnover, larger opening angle of the rear tail door on the container, makes it  convenient to unloading.
With the application of 4-girder and center girder slots,  superior stability and capacity of the container structure.

* The vehicle information is for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.