Our Journey towards Zero Emissions has started
The era of fossil fuel may have gifted us convenience, but it is affecting the beauty of the world around us and the air we breathe.
Hyundai is one of the first to see the potential of hydrogen as an alternative energy which can replace fossil fuels for a more sustainable future.
It represents the 100% zero-emission on a well-to-wheel basis where the hydrogen is produced from renewable energy.
A new chapter of Xcient Fuel Cell, the future of logistics without environment pollution, starts now.
氢燃料电池重卡 氢燃料电池重卡

Why Hydrogen for

Heavy Road Transport?

Refueling time and range are important factors definitely for the operation of heavy duty trucks. In this regard, hydrogen is the best suitable fuel for heavy duty trucks by ensuring a short refueling time and long distance driving while promoting the zero-emission solution.

Eco-friendly and still energy-efficient solution for transportation
Easy Fueling

Xcient Fuel Cell can be charged within 8-20 minutes*per single charge, ensures smooth opeation.

*Based on 350 bar tank pressure

*May change depending on outer tank temperature

Long Range

Xcient Fuel Cell reaches a drive range around 400 km per charge,thereby providing the ideal solution for long-distance operation.

*Driving distance range around 400 km

*in the 4 x 2 rigid body configuration while towing an 18-ton trailer

*Depends on several conditions

Technology & Performance

Eyes are on Hyundai’s fuel cell heavy duty truck running on the road based on its technological strength.

Xcient Fuel Cell promises powerful driving on every road, just like how trucks should be.

FCEV powertrain developed by Hyundai’s unique technology
Fuel Cell System

The core device enabling electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to produce electric energy

*Max. power 190kW (95kW stack X 2)

High-Voltage Battery Pack

It supports fuel cell system by storing or discharging electricity.

The battery pack further allows recuperation during braking.

*Battery pack capacity 73.2kWh (24.4kWh X 3)

Hydrogen Storage System

Seven equally-sized tanks for the maximum range at the lowest possible cost

*Tank capacity 32.09kg (available hydrogen amount at SOF 100%)

Driving Motor

Generates driving force from electric energy supplied from the stack and battery

*Max. power 350kW

Bringing the Future Closer to Us
To get this truck running on the road, a complete H2 ecosystem is necessary.
Here’s the entire set of factors on this value chain including the hydrogen supplier, hydrogen refueling station, customer and truck. Let’s find how we approached in Switzerland as the first step.
与未来更近一步 与未来更近一步
First Step in Switzerland
Build Partnerships
Build partnerships with hydrogen value chain players and various stakeholders to form a hydrogen community. 1,600 hydrogen trucks will be operated in Switzerland by 2025.
Well-to-Wheel Zero Emission
100% Green Hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. It represents the 100% zero-emission on a well-to-wheel basis.

How to Operate

Consumers use services and operate hydrogen vehicles in the form of ‘Pay-Per-Use’.

*This pay-per-use plan includes fuel refueling, service charge, two-year warranty and six-year replacement (fuel cell, high voltage battery only).

Click to view the table of configuration parameters.