Fashionable, high-end generous appearance
In combination with the aesthetic habits of the Chinese customers and the European appearance characteristics, the styling experts of Hyundai Motor develop the new light truck appearance modeling on the basis of ensuring high safety and aerodynamics.
Headlight, bumper and grille modeling sets off each other with the overall style of the cab. The beautiful line design gives the cab a dynamic sense and a sense of power as well as a strong affinity.

A-pillar with small inclination angle of 18° ensures more spacious cab. The large format windshield ensures wider viewing field.

Humanized layout, practical and comfortable
The standard suspension structure seats come with thickened backrest and good support, improve the lumbar support position as well as reducing fatigue.
The new integrated dashboard is classic and exquisite ; the multi-function steering wheel integrates audio, cruise control and other buttons.

The front suspension is equipped with the less-leaf spring, and the rubber pad is added between the leaves to reduce the friction noise and vibration of the steel plate in motion.

The rear support of the cab is equipped with reinforced bulk shock absorption rubber to reduce vibration and make the driving more comfortable.

High efficiency, high durability, and excellent performance
The vehicle has undergone thousands of strict performance and durability tests, and is fully applicable to Hyundai commercial vehicle quality control system to ensure better durability of the vehicle.
Advanced coating process: the cathodic electrophoresis process is adopted for the coating of body and frame primers. The robotic two-layer spraying process is adopted to finish the topcoat, makes the coating distribution more uniform, longer gloss retention and better corrosion resistance.
The standard auxiliary water tank facilitates the driver to observe the level of antifreeze solution, and it is more convenient to add water and increase the capacity of the heat dissipation medium.
Lightweight design
The vehicle adopts the lightweight design such as aluminum alloy air tank, aluminum alloy hub, aluminum alloy/plastic fuel tank and tubeless tyre. It makes blue license registration worry free and provides  better fuel economy.

Powerful, safe escort

·AMBITION vehicle adopts the unique design and enlarged the power steering gear,   makes turning radius becoming  smaller and the steering becoming  lighter and more efficient.

· A variety of engines are available to meet diverse requirements:

 Cummins ISF3.8 156PS

 Yuchai YC4FA 130PS

 Yunnei D25/D30/YNF40 143PS/156PS/170PS

·Lightweight carriage / common carriage / Non-slip flat floor carriage / Non-slip flat floor + five-door carriage can be selected to meet different cargo transportation requirements, and the bearing capacity is strong.The maximum carriage volume is 23.5 cm3, 2 pallets can be placed horizontally, which can meet the demand of large capacity and effectively increasing the transportation income.

·The hydraulic trail plank is optional to meet different requirements.

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HT 120Models
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