Ultra-long endurance, easy urban distribution
1 charge = 345Km(114kw·h based on actual drive condition)
71 minutes

Fast charge only takes 71 minutes

100 kilometers on a 20-minute charge

Multi-gear automatic energy recovery

The driver may adjust the “regenerative braking” gear switch located on the right side of the steering wheel according to the road conditions and driving habits to control the braking energy recovery intensity, so as to meet the personalized driving needs.

ECO mode

Hong tu EV comes with ECO mode. By activating ECO mode to change the control strategy, it can achieve the goal of energy saving and high efficiency under light load, reduce driving energy consumption and improve the endurance mileage.

Fast charge only takes 71  minutes(115kw·h)

With the 115kw.h ultra-large capacity iron phosphate-lithium power battery, the fast charge only takes 71 minutes. The battery will last for one day after one charge, and it is unnecessary to recharge midway.

Lightweight design, reduced electricity consumption

Dual power control system makes effectively saving energy by 8% Dual power control system, different power system control strategies under empty / loaded conditions, effectively saving 8% energy

Hongtu electric vehicle adopts a variety of lightweight configurations (lightweight high-strength frame, lightweight leaf spring, tubeless tires, aluminum alloy steel ring, etc.) to reduce the power consumption and increase the endurance mileage. 

Hydraulic-electric power steering (HEPS) provides varying assisted steering by the electric motor according to the change of vehicle speed.

Power motor
Maximum power of 120kw, maximum torque of 1007N.m, faster acceleration, stronger gradeability
Eco friendly smarter and safer

Hyundai family look design matched with EV digital modelling and advanced technology superior consciousness image.

High safety performance

High voltage components of EIC system reach the highest waterproofing grade of IP68, ensuring the wading safety of the high voltage system and guarantees the safety of persons and vehicles. The power battery is lithium iron phosphate battery, which is uninflammable and non-explosible through the strict safety test, being safer and having longer service life.

Vehicle safety:the vehicle has passed 100,000 km comprehensive road endurance test (wading, high-speed ring road, reinforced bad road, etc.), and all functions have been strictly tested and verified to ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle.

Power battery over-discharge protection

SOC below 20% displayed on dashboard: limit the power output   

SOC below 12% displayed on dashboard: limit the power output and vehicle speed

Excellent battery compatibility:the high voltage parts of the vehicle have good shielding structure and reasonable grounding design, and their performance meets relevant international standards such as ISO 11451 and ISO 11452.

Made in Korea SANGSIN brake system:light weight, smooth braking, good effect.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC):VCU automatic control keeps the vehicle from sliding on the slope for a short time and improves the safety of driving on the slope.                     

Suspension damping seat
With thickened and widened cushion, the seating area of driver and passenger seats are widened, and the cushion is thickened to improve the lumbar support position and provide better waist protection.
The inclined seat rail can adjust the seat back and forth to the best position, being more convenient to control.
The suspension structure seat can adjust the damping tension according to the driver's weight to effectively reduce the vehicle bumping.
Electronic temperature controlled air conditioning

The temperature/air speed can be automatically controlled according to the setting, and the interior temperature can be controlled automatically to maintain a comfortable interior environment and minimize energy consumption.

Brand new combined dashboard

Automatic vehicle diagnosis. Switch the interface to find, understand and master the detailed state of the key components of the vehicle.

Multi-function control lever

With electronic shift handle, the operation is more convenient, and driving is more comfortable.

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* The vehicle information is for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.