Build success with a trustworthy partner.

The HD78 GT is designed to perform with efficiency, proficiency, 

and comfort, allowing you to be ready for your next customer in no time.

Perfect balance of form and function.

Stylish and practical, HD78 GT achieves a perfect balance of form and function. It’s now easier than ever to access the cabin thanks to the wider cabin door and improved step design. Distinctively styled head- lamps deliver more lumens than ever for better nighttime visibility while the dimensions and geometry of the radiator grille have been carefully calibrated to optimize engine cooling. Door mirrors, front and side glass have all been enlarged resulting in a much wider eld of view that promotes safer, more con dent driving. Thoughtful design puts HD78 GT ahead of the competition.


Stylish Headlamps


Grip-Type Door Handle


Wider Windshield Glass

A surprisingly spacious cabin.

There’s a time to work hard and then there’s a time to rest and relax. HD78 GT loves the challenge of a difficult job but its cabin provides the perfect mix of business and pleasure. From the new and  improved driver seat to the tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjuster, good ergonomic design reduces much of the stress and strain of a tough, demanding job.

Comfortable interior, spacious and practical storage.

Everyone knows people work better in the best conditions. The interior of the HD78 GT is built to increase driver and crew satisfaction, to relieve long distance fatigue and stop and start stress. It was developed by driving professionals and proven over every kind of road imaginable.


Suspension Seat (Super Cab)

More Storage Space

Easy Entry Steps

Easy Entry & Exit 

Super Cab Rear Space

The HD78 GT has mobility and load capacity that are unmatched in the field

With a small rotation radius, the HD78 GT exhibits outstanding mobility, and offers incredible movement and load capacity. By protecting freight from shock and allowing fast delivery, the HD78 GT ensures maximum profits. Developed as a reliable partner who promises success, the HD78 GT provides optimal conditions for your business.

More power, less fuel.

New E2.9 Engine with 160 horsepower boasts excellent gas mileage, and operates in concert with a transmission that is known for its efficiency and durability, resulting in powerful, yet smooth operation, even at low RPMs. The versatile HD78 GT will lower your operating costs with its high performance in the field and in the city.

未标题-6.pngHigh efficient, powerful intelligent engine for TCO savings


M035S5 : Advanced 5-speed / E-engine

Wider Cab Tilting Angle

The cab can be turned over at 46°. The space layout of the wiring harness and pipeline is ample with a clear arrangement and the parts are easy to be identified. Alternative common and vulnerable parts can be easily found in various regions, making maintenance more convenient.

Built tough for unsurpassed durability and reliability

Even at maximum cargo carrying capacity, HD78 GT has been designed to travel confidently over the bumpiest of roads. Its ladder-frame chassis can safely withstand high torsional and flexing forces because it is built with a high-quality steel produced by Hyundai Motor Group affiliate Hyundai Steel. Also cross-member reinforcement helps resist twisting and bending.

Anti-collision Beam of the Door

The door has a folded dome steel structure to prevent being deformed, which can improve the safety when it is struck.

High Strength Cab

The cab uses imported high tension steel, and the whole steel welding has a safe design.

Enlarged Door-open Angle
Front Taper Spring
Rear Multi-leaf Spring
Rear Axle

            HD78 GT offers outstanding customer satisfaction through a wide range of choices, including multiple wheelbase options, a standard cab, and a super

                         cab. The reinforced rear axle has a 5,500kg maximum weight ratings so your cargo rides safely without worry. Powertrains are tailored to match 

respective cargo hauling capacities.

A diverse lineup optimized for business

Whatever your type of business, there’s an HD78 GT that’s right for

you. HD78 GT are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every purpose. And with hyundai’s rock-solid reputation for durability and relibility, you can make your choice with complete confidence.


Steering Wheel
Advanced Maintenance Alarm System
Multifunction Lever
Front Underview Mirror
FUPD (Front Underrun Protection Device)
RUPD (Rear Underrun Protection Device)

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